“[The singer’s] voice was well­rendered, his trademark growl cutting through the gloom with ease. His layered guitar parts, meanwhile, could be followed individually, and featured excellent decay against a black background.”
– Part Time Audiophile

“The cabinets have to be seen for full effect. The woodwork was strikingly beautiful (as I mentioned above, I’m a sucker for fine woodwork. The grain under that shiny gloss looked both natural and wild, like little flames that fit thecharacter of the speaker to a T.”
– Green HiFi

“..a relatively new company from Northern California, [Piraeus Audio] showed the $23,500 Athena, an active DSP’d three­way loudspeaker. The Athena’s crossover slopes are extremely steep (96dB/octave) thanks to the digital-domain filtering, and the speaker incorporates 750W of amplification per channel. The cabinet finish is stunningly gorgeous.”
– The Absolute Sound­-show­-newport/

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