The Athena active DSP loudspeaker system.

A self contained music playback system featuring in house DSP crossovers, digital to analogue converters, and active amplification for each individual driver. Needing only a wired or wireless digital source signal, the Athena controls the rest ofthe playback chain from start to finish in a highly optimized, system based, approach.



Three-way Sealed Box Floorstanding Loudspeaker

3/4″ silk done tweeter

5″ cone midrange

10″ woofer

Frequency Response: 33Hz­-24,000Hz ±3db

Digital Inputs: 2x Optical SPDIF, Coaxial SPDIF, and Digital AES/EBU

Power Output: 750 Watts Per Channel Integrated

Proprietary DSP Processing Engine

Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter supports resolutions up to 24/192

16th Order, 96db/octave Digital Crossover

Available in Bubinga, Walnut, Mappa Burl, Silver Metallic, Piano Gloss Black, and Piano Gloss White, in addition to any custom color or wood veneer of your choice.

The Athena features an acoustically advanced chassis design.

The added complexity of both the internal and external dimensions were required to produce an open, spacious acoustic soundstage with exceptionally low resonance distortion.

Inside, a powerful Digital Signal Processing engine is used to provide steep 16th order, 96db per octave crossover slopes, and critically, Phase Corrected drivers.

Six industry leading low distortion amplifiers power each driver in the system independently. Producing a combined 1,500 watt total system power.

With this approach, each component is opperating in a strictly limited bandwidth and not taxed with reproduction the source signal from the full 20hz to 20,000hz. This in turn allows for astonishingly low distortion, especially at high volume.

Experience a fully integrated and balanced system design.


Mappa Burl



Silver Metallic

Piano Gloss Black

Piano Gloss White