State of the art class D amplifiers achieve new levels of efficiency and quiescent “blackness”.

Independent amplifiers for each driver eliminate the power loss and energy storage that degrades audio quality with passive crossovers. Each amplifier exerts maximum control over its corresponding driver optimizing the electrical damping and eliminating tonal overhang.

Switched Mode power supplies provide instantaneous, on-demand power without the rectifier current pulse interference that plagues conventional toroidal and laminated transformer supplies.

Operating at 100,000’s of Hz, these supplies can respond to the amplifiers power needs much faster than a traditional 50 or 60Hz supply. This results in stable voltage rails that are free of sag and ripple which can end up modulating the desired audio signal. Their exceptional efficiency combined with power factor correction circuitry minimize losses both in the utility distribution grid, and within the home for an environmentally sound solution.

On the front end, medical grade power conditioning filters the mains and provides clean power to the entire system.

Impedance matched S/PDIF and AES/EBU inputs utilize high frequency pulse transformers frequency compensated with zobel networks to practically eliminate reflections, for the ultimate in digital audio input signal integrity.

High performance sample rate converter from Texas Instruments upconverts the incoming digital audio data stream to over 130M samples/second and 24 bit resolution for the highest precision jitter elimination.

The digital signal is converted to analog just before the final amplifier stage by the highly regarded and sonically acclaimed Wolfson WM8743 digital-to-analog converter. This 24 bit converter provides exceptional linearity and dynamic range and generates a pristine signal to each driver amplifier.