Just as much critical effort has gone into the design of the cabinets themselves.

CNC machined cabinets give millimeter tight tolerances for exceptional precision and fit resulting in a strong, rigid enclosure that resists flex and resonance.

The elimination of parallel surfaces, and the design of an innovative standing wave break up technology, diffuses the back wave energy of the drivers to calm the time immediately after transients and effectively eliminate internal resonance.

A thin profile (acoustic footprint), and 3/4 rounded edges maximize the omnidirectional properties of the drivers while minimizing diffraction to give the widest sweet spot and clearest acoustic image.

Midrange and tweeter are positioned high, at seated ear level, to maximize the time delay of the first floor bounce reflection which enhances sound stage image and resolution. The woofer is positioned close to the floor to reduce the number of resonant room modes that are stimulated, and smoothly integrate the bass octaves.

We take the difficult path at every step in the design and manufacturing process.

You simply can not produce a state of the art product any other way.